Speedy Security Vault Safety Deposit Box Rentals!

Keeping your valuables safe!

With a Safety deposit box in our new secure certified vault.Check out our moving supply store and office business centre.Managers Since 1989


Customized safes are available in a variety of sizes for items requiring specialized storage. Please speak with a Speedy Security Vault representative for more information.

    Ultimate Security

    Safety Deposit Boxes offer a lot more protection than a safe that is used at home. When purchasing a safe, you have to take into account that although you might hide safes.


      Speedy Security Vault gives the same security features and protection as our competitors such as the the banks.

        Speedy Security Vault

        Get peace of mind with a Safety deposit box from Speedy Security Vault Toronto.

        We understand there are some things that money can’t replace. That’s why we take pride in providing the highest level of security for your valuables, preventing them from getting lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen. Our safety deposit boxes are available in a variety of sizes and are competitively priced to help secure your possessions.

        We are proud of our facility and maintain our reputation as the leading safe deposit box facility in Canada.

        We encourage you to browse our website and should you require any additional information, visit our location or call us at 416-242-8800

        We offer three different sizes of safety deposit boxes:

        Small Deposit Box 
        • Annual Rate $100.00
        • Key Deposit $50.00
        Medium Deposit Box 
        • Annual Rate $150.00
        • Key Deposit $50.00
        Large Deposit Box 
        • Annual Rate $200.00
        • Key Deposit $50.00

        Benefits of a Vault

        This table shows the benefits of a private vault:

        Benefits of a Vault

        Protection from a natural or manmade disaster

        Security from theft

        Climate Controlled

        Safety deposit box of all shapes and sizes

        24h support

        Private Vault

        Bank Safety Desposit Box