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Our Vault is designed by security specialists; creating a high level of professionalism and security that surpasses banking institutional facilities and provides clients with the ultimate in Security storage Vault. Speedy Security Vault guarantees the protection of your valuables.

The Vault door – a secure combination locked, 3 tonne barrier vault door – is manufactured by Kumahira Safe Company, who is recognised as the premier provider of vaults and vault doors worldwide.
The vault walls, floor and ceiling have been constructed and designed to ensure all safe deposit boxes are secured to a Grade A Rating.

Speedy Security Vaults engages the services of a Licensed Security guard who monitor the vault and premises 24/7.

Access to the vault is granted through successful navigation of personal identification, using biometric hand scanner, customer code entry and digital photo recognition. Once the hand scanner has positively matched your pin code with the biometric details, a digital image allows the guard to positively identify you. Access is subsequently granted allowing you entry to a restricted zone.

Our security measures, procedures, protocols and customer service surpass that of existing banking institutional facilities. We provide our Customers with highest standard available.

Speedy Security Vault has significantly invested in electronic and physical security measures. These include:

  • Seismic Detectors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Passive Infra-red Sensors
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • 3 tonne composite barrier vault door
  • Bullet proof guard room and air-lock
  • Bio-metric hand-scanning
  • Digital photo recognition
  • Individual pin-codes
  • Electronic Security provide monitoring and mobile response for the entire facility.
  • Vibration sensors
  • Smoke cloak
  • On site security guard